Instead of seeing patients in a traditional office setting, I am able to offer something that combines exercise with psychotherapy. The counselling room takes on a whole new meaning.

It’s very similar to traditional psychotherapy except you are walking while you are talking about issues. Bringing a little bit of movement can enrich the counselling session. Clients are intrigued by the idea and are naturally drawn to being outside.

Walking and Talking encourages a client to be more physically active for mental and physical reasons. It helps a client get “unstuck” when confronting difficult issues and spurs creative, deeper ways of thinking often released by mood-improving physical activity.

Some clients may become anxious when confronting something difficult in a traditional seated, face-to-face interaction, so walking in parallel with visual distractions may allow for easier engagement.

Clients at all levels of fitness can benefit from fresh air and exercise when it comes to processing their feelings. Looking forward rather than directly at a therapist can help them open up.

If you would like to explore this approach I would be happy to discuss it following our initial assessment.