The Data Protection legislation updated in May 2018 means I am now registered with the IOC. I am therefore required to inform you what I do with your information and have your agreement to keep it.

I keep an electronic record of session dates for each client, this is for both therapeutic and business purposes. The database does not include your personal information but merely your initials. My electronic diary has your session entry using your initials or first name and your name and phone number is in my smart phone.

I do keep some Client notes. These are held electronically and contain some session detail. Not all sessions have notes attributed to them. These notes are indexed under initials or first names and will be deleted along with any other electronic data after three months following the end of our therapy together. Some clients choose to come back to therapy after a period of time, if this is a possibility with you, we would agree to the further retention of your information.

If you have contacted me via Counselling Directory or through the link on this website, your email address has automatically been provided to me and therefore implied permission to have your information is given. This will be treated in the same way as all other data held.

I do not share your information for any reason other than those listed in your Contract. These reasons include Supervision, other Health practitioners, for example your GP or if compelled to do so by a Court or for disclosable purposes, such as immediate risk of harm to self or others along with notifiable offences of Terrorism and Current Child Abuse.

This document is designed to offer an appropriate level of knowledge towards the security of your information. An abridged version of the above is in the Contact, updated version May 2018