Counselling Fees

I believe that therapeutic counselling should be available for all whether it be through a GP referral or personal enquiries and recommendation.

My fee is £40 per session with sessions normally lasting 50 minutes once a week, although this may be negotiated. Cancellation with less than 48 hours notice is charged at the full rate, however we all have emergencies and these will be discussed separately.

Fees are paid at the beginning of each session in cash, by cheque or bank transfer but this has to be prior to the session unless previously agreed.

Your first session is charged at the normal rate but sometimes takes a little longer as it will include some initial administrative areas.

Therapy sessions are your time to talk and you might not be used to this. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious to begin with or tired at the end of a session. My aim is to give you a safe place to talk.

Therapy can be as little as 6 sessions or can be unlimited. My aim is that our relationship is open, honest and completely transparent.

Walk and Talk Fees

Walk and Talk Sessions will be on routes which have been previously checked and assessed for suitability for different levels of ability. The timings of these routes will be approximately an hour and are designed to allow clients to take breaks on the way. The weather is always a consideration for Walk and Talk however a few raindrops is part of the Cornish charm.

The Fee for this session is £50. A half day session can be designed for those clients who wish to make the most of a short visit to the area.

An additional health questionnaire will be required for your own safety before any Walk and Talk Session is undertaken.

Therapeutic Contracts

A Therapeutic Contract is for the safety of our therapeutic relationship and does not commit you to a number of sessions.

Should you wish to engage in therapeutic counselling it important that you are able to provide your GP and emergency contact details. Your information is always kept secure.